Chemical Peels and MicroPeel

Chemical peels are a variety of treatments used to exfoliate, remove dead skin cells, and remove the outer layers of skin. The process also minimizes pores and leaves your skin looking spectacular and glowing.

Chemical peels are an extremely popular way to maintain a great complexion while helping your skin look and act younger over time.

When we talk about chemical peels we are talking about three different classifications, each with a greater degree of strength and benefit.

Light Chemical Peels

Light chemical peels, also called lunch hour peels due to the ability to have them done within your lunch hour are the lightest of chemical peels. These peels exfoliate the outer layers of skin to produce smooth and young looking skin, minimize discoloration and even skin tone, while also minimizing pores.

  • Glycolic Acid Peels: Derived from sugar cane, glycolic peels are a good option for almost any kind of skin. Since they do not penetrate the skin very deeply they are generally a safer alternative for people with sensitive skin. It is also a good treatment for superficial skin conditions and discoloration such as acne, blackheads, and freckles.
  • Salicylic Acid Peels: Is an oil-soluble acid derived from willow trees. This peel is great for people with acne as the acid is able to penetrate folikles encouraging the shedding of dead skin cells and helping to clear pores of debris. This reduces pore blockages and skin breakouts.
  • Lactic Acid Peels: Are derived from sour milk. The hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties help control dry, sensitive, or mature skin.
  • TCA (trichloroacetic) Eye Peels: Used to decrease wrinkling of fine wrinkling in the soft skin above and below the eyes.

Medium Chemical Peels

Medium depth chemical peels are stronger than light chemical peels and provide a more dramatic effect. Greater strength creates more visible peeling and flaking usually not seen with a lighter peel. Many people will schedule their peels mid-week to allow for the peeling process over a weekend.

With a variety of brands and types on the market, peels can be used on skin of all types and are used to improve your overall texture and tone, providing tighter, softer, and brighter looking skin!

While most medium chemical peels use a higher concentration of TCA to diminish age spots, fine wrinkling and lines, and tighten the skin, other chemical peels can use salicylic acid with other ingredients to improve its effectiveness on your skin.


If you haven’t heard of a MicroPeel yet,  you can initially liken the treatment to the technique and experience of a chemical peel. MicroPeels are one of the lightest chemical peel treatments, and are quickly becoming a very popular rejuvenating treatment for your face – and can play an key role in maximizing your skin care results.

Expect smoother, younger looking skin, pore size reduction, and improvement with any skin discoloration.

Not to be confused with similarly named micro laser peels, MicroPeels are a short treatment—often 30 minutes or less—and are meant to exfoliate your skin in order to inhibit the regrowth of dermal cells. Because MicroPeels are a superficial procedure, the treatment is much quicker than a more extensive chemical peel and does not require preparation, or recovery time afterwards.

MicroPeels provide several improvements to your skin, like:

  • Softening skin texture which provides younger looking skin
  • Minimizing skin discoloration for even coloring
  • Minimizing pore size

Before applying the chemical treatment, dead surface skin cells are gently removed through a technique called dermaplaning—a simple process similar to shaving.

After your dermaplaning, a solution is applied that interacts with your skin and pores. Stimulating and moisturizing products are then applied to complete the process.

One of the biggest benefits to a MicroPeel is no downtime, allowing you to apply makeup and resume normal activities as you go about your day. While most people show no outward evidence of having a micro peel, people with fair skin may experience a slight reddening for about a day.

“The Skinny” on MicroPeel

MicroPeels provide substantial benefits from a light but effective treatment.

  • Short treatment time – 30 minutes or less
  • No recovery time
  • Soft, fresh skin
  • Minimizes pores
  • Minimizing skin discoloration
  • Affordable
  • Deep wrinkles and age lines may require a different approach

A MicroPeel is an effective, quick way to ensure your skin stays clean, fresh and soft, while managing light blemishes. As one of the most popular facial treatments around, it’s a great way to care for and maintain your complexion.

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